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27 - 28 June 2024 NEC, BIRMINGHAM

04 May 2023

10 ways to a successful CQC inspection

10 ways to a successful CQC inspection
The regulator can strike fear into the hearts of care managers, but the key is being prepared and having your documentation in order well ahead of time. Read on for our top 10 ways to prepare.
  1. Get the team used to being observed and give them feedback so it becomes normal for them;
  2. Be prepared: have a plan for inspection day and develop a protocol so all staff know what the plan is;
  3. Trust your staff (or deal with the problem ones long before CQC arrive);
  4. Gather evidence of what you do well;
  5. Speak to residents, staff, and families regularly so you are aware of and can deal with their concerns before they have to raise them with the regulator;
  6. Let your inspector know when you dismiss a troublesome employee or have a significant complaint – don’t let someone else control the story;
  7. Make sure you audit your audits – for example, which issues are coming through regularly in complaints and accidents, without the root causes being picked up by your audits?
  8. Think through each key line of enquiry (KLOE) (now) or quality statement (as they roll out) and evidence how you’re meeting them – and show this to the inspector;
  9. Think about what you do really well, and show the inspector evidence of this. Capture good events over the year into a ‘good moments’ file;
  10. Don’t panic. If you are feeling horror that CQC has picked the worst day to turn up, deal with it how you would if the inspector was not there. We run our homes for our residents, and that’s who will still matter most to us long after CQC have gone.


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