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Care Managers Show


25 Apr 2023

See you there! Ian Cole, general manager, Hallmark Care Homes

See you there! Ian Cole, general manager, Hallmark Care Homes

Ian Cole, who manages Brighton’s Maycroft Manor care home, is one of more than 4,000 managers, employers and sector specialists planning to attend the Care Managers Show. We caught up with him to find out why.

How did you find out about the Care Managers Show?

I was at another event at the Birmingham NEC and was handed a card advising that the Care Managers Show was taking place in the same venue.

Why did you decide to book a ticket?

It appealed because it is a show that is specifically dedicated to care home managers. At other shows it can be a bit like being a kid in a toy shop, walking around and looking at all the things you can’t have. You might be looking at technology that could do a better job than the system you have right now, but you are never going to get it, because your organisation already has a system in place. As managers we are looking for things we can do right now.

Which of the content strands are you most interested in?

Staff wellbeing is huge at the moment, and issues related to the struggles we went through two years ago are only now coming to light. The Wellbeing strand includes sessions on sleep, managing grief, and financial wellbeing, and I am looking forward to seeing what other people are doing. If someone is doing something that is working, I am not too proud to beg, borrow or steal their ideas! As care managers we should be sharing and being more open to each other, because ultimately, we are here for the residents.

Will you be kicking back and watching any of the entertainment on offer?

Sometimes you can walk away from these shows really mentally drained, so taking some time out to relax is good for everybody, it makes you more alert when you go back into it afterwards.

Will you be attending any of the accredited CPD sessions?

CPD is something I enjoy doing, especially when you have got different people around you and you can share ideas. As an organisation we have mental health first aiders in place which is proving to have a huge impact, and there is a CPD session on Supporting your team’s mental health at midday.




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