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22 Jun 2023

Session announcement: Compassionate leadership

Session announcement: Compassionate leadership
Join Christine Wint and Tricia Pereira of Skills for Care to discover the principles of ‘caring to change’ and the transformative effect it can have on your team and workplace.

As we’re all too aware, the social care sector is facing a recruitment crisis, with 165,000 unfilled staff vacancies

In light of this, it’s more important than ever to do whatever you can to keep your team healthy and happy – and your leadership style is a huge part of this; with data showing two out of five employees have quit a job because of a bad manager.

Your management not only affects your direct relationship with each employee; it sets the tone for the wider workplace culture. If you cultivate a safe, supportive atmosphere where each staff member is valued and people are encouraged to help each other out, this will improve employees’ experience of work and make them more likely to make friends at work.

This in turn means they’re less likely to leave.

With this in mind, join Skills for Care to: 

  • Learn how to create a positive leadership culture, both in how you lead and how you encourage your team to step up
  • Discover the principles of ‘compassionate leadership’ and ‘caring to change’
  • Hear about the concrete benefits this approach can yield for your staff and the people you care for
  • Workshop practical steps you can take to embed these principles in your day-to-day management
  • Leave with a CPD-accredited certificate

Also check out our other CPD sessions on management, including Digital leadership, How to have difficult conversations, and Supporting your team’s mental health.


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