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14 Jun 2023

Session announcement: Digital leadership

Session announcement: Digital leadership
Join Claire Smout of Skills for Care to build your change management skills and discover the leadership models you can adopt when introducing technology.

Digitisation is everywhere, and the social care sector is no exception. With CQC focused on ‘driving improvement through technology’ and making its online portal for submissions from care providers mandatory, big changes are underway. 

As a care manager, you might be at any number of stages along the technological journey. Maybe your service still uses paper documents and a filing cabinet, perhaps you use laptops, word docs and excel sheets, or maybe your company has fully bought into an all-singing online system for everything from payslips to care plans.

However, whichever stage you’re at, one thing holds true: change management skills and digital leadership apply and will help you, no matter how tech-y (or not) your service and your staff are. Ushering in organisational changes successfully requires a strong communications plan and a structured approach to take on feedback and adapt accordingly. 

Join Claire Smout, head of digital skills at Skills for Care, in Free CPD Theatre 2 to:

  • Learn about digital leadership models that you can practically apply when implementing technology in your service
  • Build skills in change management through a digital lens
  • Discover how to include the people you care for, identifying their needs and wants, when introducing new technological solutions
  • Learn how to use data and feedback to inform your decisions
  • Leave with a CPD-accredited certificate

And if you’re interested in this session, check out the Technology stream, where Digitising Social Care (NHS) are running a session on going from technophobe to technophile, and Charlie Jones from BKRCC will be explaining CQC’s attitude to technology.


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