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27 Jun 2023

Session announcement: Leading a remote team

Session announcement: Leading a remote team
Join Adam Purnell from the IHSCM to earn practical strategies for effective remote leadership, including harnessing technology and fostering collaboration.

Managing a remote team of home care workers presents unique challenges, including the physical distance between the manager and the team, making it difficult to maintain direct supervision and communication. Remote workers can feel isolated and disconnected, so it’s crucial to ensure consistent and effective communication. And coordinating people’s schedules to ensure all clients are covered can be challenging, especially when managing a large team across different locations. 

Investing in both technology and training is vital to ensure the team collaborates well, reports are logged efficiently, and that clients are looked after holistically. It’s also important to look after your workers, particularly in the current recruitment crisis. 

Overcoming these obstacles requires leadership skills tailored for virtual environments, including communication, trust-building, and fostering a positive team culture in the digital realm.

It’s also crucial to recognise the full potential of technology; digital platforms, project management tools, and communication channels can streamline workflows and facilitate seamless collaboration, enabling you and your team to thrive.

Meanwhile, team structures that foster trust and value every voice can be valuable for empowering your team members, encouraging autonomy, and promoting a culture of open communication and collaboration. 

Join Adam Purnell, director of social care at the IHSCM, to:

  • Learn how to become the leader you want to be, from a distance
  • Discover how to harness technology to make your life, and that of your team, easier and more fulfilling
  • Workshop how to build a ‘flatter’ team structure, in which every voice is valued and team members trust that they can come to you
  • Leave with a CPD-accredited certificate


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