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24 Apr 2023

Session announcement: Sustainability

Session announcement: Sustainability
Join Aaron White from Oakland Care to learn about the small steps you can take to make your care service more planet-friendly.

Sustainability is an incredibly important topic, but it’s often seen as a nice-to-have; an add-on. However, a growing awareness of environmental damage and global heating means it is becoming more popular.

In addition, high energy costs due to rocketing fossil fuel prices, and the fact that funding is becoming increasingly linked to ESG, means that sustainability is a growing priority for care home directors.

In this session, you can gather some tips for improving your service’s sustainability credentials, helping the planet and impressing your boss.

Care can be very consumption-heavy, requiring huge amounts of energy and lots of single-use plastics. Of course, a lot of this is necessary, particularly in nursing care that includes a high degree of medical intervention. It can therefore seem a bit overwhelming to try to make changes – where do you start?

Fortunately, becoming more sustainable isn’t an all-or-nothing project. Rather, it’s a gradual process that can start with a tiny step: something is always better than nothing. This could be enquiring about switching to a renewable energy provider, introducing new recycling bins, or switching to more efficient lightbulbs. 

Oakland Care is the front-runner in the UK when it comes to providing environmentally friendly care, and as business services manager, Aaron is spearheading the charge. Join him at the Care Managers Show to:

  • Learn how to help the planet and save money, from one of the leading sustainable companies in care
  • Learn about the five key areas where you can make changes:
  • Local environmental impact
  • Procurement and travel
  • Utility use and carbon footprint
  • Waste and recycling
  • Environmental management / policy
  • Explore case studies and 'first steps' - no step too small!

Focusing on sustainability in your care home not only helps the environment, but can also improve the quality of life for your residents, and the working environment for your staff. This is particularly the case if it includes an increase in green space around the home, which has been proven to improve people’s wellbeing, as Kings College London show here.


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