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05 May 2023

Session Announcement: Unleash your creativity

Session Announcement: Unleash your creativity
Join Sanjay Dhrona of The Close Care Home for a masterclass in creative care home management. Hear some of Sanjay’s brilliant ideas for transforming your residents’ lives and clinical outcomes, and then have the chance to brainstorm your own!

Too often, managing a care home can feel like running from one thing to another, juggling a hundred different tasks while making sure your residents and staff are safe and happy. But there is a case for making time, every now and again, for imagination and creativity.

It can be small things, and they don’t have to take up a lot of time or money at all. For example, one of the things Sanjay has introduced at The Close Care Home, where he’s managing director, is a couple of ‘voting tubes’ for residents. The question changes each week, from ‘which takeaway would you like for dinner?’ to ‘what shall we watch on film night?’ – and residents can vote by placing something into the tube of their choice.

This is a simple way to get residents engaged and increase their autonomy. Also, having voted for it, it’s more likely that residents will be actively engaged in the activity or dinner of choice, too. And by using repurposed materials, Sanjay ensured that this big-impact change came at a very low cost.

Another of Sanjay’s brilliant ideas came in response to some residents not eating enough – which as we know can lead to weight loss, loss of strength, and increased falls. 

Sanjay’s idea was to spray salt-and-vinegar spray into the air around his residents just before fish and chip night. We’ve all had that experience of suddenly becoming hungry when walking past a delicious-smelling fish and chip shop – and replicating this had the effect of making the residents hungry just in time for a hearty dinner.

Creative problem-solving like this is a skill that can be learned, so join us to start developing it! In this workshop, you’ll hear about Sanjay’s outside-the-box ideas, before having the chance to come up with some yourself.

Join Sanjay to: 

  • Take part in this creative workshop to embrace your imagination. No idea is too wacky!
  • Learn from one of the most creative care leaders in the UK how thinking outside the box can transform your residents' lives, and help you achieve an Outstanding rating from the CQC 

Within the day-to-day running of a care home, there are infinite possibilities to do things a little differently; to bring some extra interest into your residents’ and colleagues’ lives while improving outcomes. 

Time constraints can often make it difficult to find the headspace to think about things – but try setting aside five minutes to make a spider-diagram, or a 10-minute brainstorm in your next team meeting. You’ll be amazed at what can happen.

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